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Running Gait Analysis

Run with confidence whether you are a professional runner, a recreational runner, or a running athlete.

Step 1


We identify the problem. If you have pain when you walk or run, then a gait analysis can help determine why. If you don’t have pain, but want to be a better runner, a gait analysis can help. If you are trying to return to sport following an injury, then a running gait analysis is critical to being proactive about further injury. We take you through a comprehensive evaluation where we evaluate movements, flexibility and strength. We also get to know you and everything about your running, including load shoes, nutrition, sleep, stress, etc.

Step 2


We assess running on the Helix 3D gait analysis system. Working on stretching and strengthening does not change how we run. There are simple cues and drills you can learn that can make a big impact on your running form and performance. The Helix 3D Gait Analysis allows you to put those changes into practice right away and see the immediate result

Step 3


We give you a plan. After the running gait analysis, we lay out a plan and help you to follow it to make sure you are successful. We will set you up on your personalized calendar and workout plan, on our app, to help you be successful with the changes recommended.

Step 4


We provide feedback. It takes about 6-8 weeks for changes in your running form to stick. During this time you return for follow up appointments as needed in order to make sure that the changes are sticking and you are ready to break your running records.

Run without injury!

Who this is for:

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to have a running gait analysis. Most people who have a gait analysis are recreational runners, people who are returning to sports that involve running (soccer, football, baseball) and even people who have pain while walking and hiking.
The system that we use for the running gait analysis is research grade, 3D, and highly specific. It is called the Helix 3D system and was developed by RunDNA. The Helix 3D system allows us to measure changes as small as a centimeter to see where your foot lands, how your legs move, and how your hips move. All of this technology allows us to make changes as necessary to allow you to run, walk, and hike without pain.

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