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As the premier physical therapy clinic in Flagstaff, Arizona we are the clinic to take you from pain to performance.

3 Minute Injury Report

Do you have knee pain when you do activity, or even when you are at rest? It could be an issue with your meniscus.

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Physical Therapy

Why let pain prevent you from living your life? You want to do the things that you love without pain. Let our doctor of physical therapy get you moving again to get you back on track.

Fitness and Training

How can you take your fitness to the next level so you can run that marathon, bike that enduro, or feel better physically? Our fitness training can get you there. Don’t just improve your sport performance, improve your life performance.

Total Body Diagnostic

Knowing how you move is the first step to achieving pain free activity. If you want a professional assessment of your movement to see what is holding you back, click the button to schedule today.

Running Analysis

You don’t have to have pain in order to run better. Most people who get an analysis are looking to improve running efficiency and speed and be proactive about running injury.


Jordan Williams, PT, DPT, utilizes a blend of advanced orthopedic manual therapy skills and therapeutic exercise to achieve success in the treatment of his patients. He earned his bachelor of science in physiology with minors in Spanish and chemistry from The University of Arizona in 2006. He became fluent in Spanish while working and living in Tucson…   READ MORE
Jordan Williams, DPT

Owner/Physical Therapist


I have been a runner all my life. For the past 10 years almost from the moment I started running competitively, I have had knee pain. Before I came to Proof, the pain had gotten so bad that not only could I not run, I couldn’t backpack, walk, sit, or stand without pain. After only a few months, the team at Proof has gotten me back to running without pain. Jordan was able to diagnose the cause of my pain, which other Physical Therapists had missed. I feel incredibly grateful to have come to Proof. – Keven G

After over a year since my first flare up of wrist tendonitis and the associated severe pain, I was still experiencing continual mild aggravation in both wrists. This posed problems to my job, tree trimming and removal, and my passion for rock climbing. I am very happy I finally got the corrective regimen to get me back to a healthy situation. I only wish I had signed up sooner. -Trevor B.

Coming to Proof Physical Therapy and working with both Dr. Jordan and Amanda was always a positive experience. Not only because they were always doing their best to help heal my ankle fracture, but also because their optimism and positive attitudes lifted my spirits. I always felt better after my session, both physically and emotionally. I am grateful to both Dr. Jordan and Amanda for helping me through this challenging time. As I leave today, after my final session, my ankle feels great! -Collene B.

I came to Proof because I had extreme pain I had never felt before in my left hip and low back on the left side. I felt the pain every time I walked my dog, stood for more than 5 minutes, and when trying to do the yoga I used to do for years.  Now everything I want to do I can do without pain. Proof has helped me increase the strength in my hips and glutes and have shown me great exercises that will allow my body to keep moving for as long as I want too. I am so happy to be at my best again. -Karin C.

I was referred to Proof Physical Therapy because I couldn’t sleep because of the pain in my legs. I was limited in the activities that I wanted to do each day such as walking, gardening, and my house work. Since my working with Dr. Williams and Amanda, I can now do these activities easily.  In 1986 I was diagnosed with osteomyelitis of the spine.  Since my recovery from this infection I continued to have pain in my back, sometimes less, sometimes much more, but it was always there.  Since working out at Proof Physical Therapy, that pain has disappeared completely.  Oh Happy Day!  I feel younger than my 92 years! -Evelyn B.