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As the premier physical therapy clinic in Flagstaff, Arizona we are the clinic to take you from pain to performance.


Physical Therapy

Why let pain prevent you from living your life? You want to do the things that you love without pain. Let our doctor of physical therapy get you moving again to get you back on track.


How can you take your fitness to the next level so you can run that marathon, bike that enduro, or feel better physically? Our fitness training can get you there. Don’t just improve your sport performance, improve your life performance.

Total Body Diagnostic

Knowing how you move is the first step to achieving pain free activity. If you want a professional assessment of your movement to see what is holding you back, click the button to schedule today.

Jordan Williams, PT, DPT, utilizes a blend of advanced orthopedic manual therapy skills and therapeutic exercise to achieve success in the treatment of his patients. He earned his bachelor of science in physiology with minors in Spanish and chemistry from The University of Arizona in 2006. He became fluent in Spanish while working and living in Tucson…   READ MORE
Jordan Williams, DPT

Owner/Physical Therapist

My experience here has been very helpful. In the beginning I could hardly lift my shoulder above my head, and had a lot of trouble while playing volleyball. Now I can play volleyball again, and have full range of motion with little to no pain. Jordan is an amazing physical therapist and saved me from needing surgery! I highly recommend him. I was told I needed six weeks of PT and in just three weeks I was released and back to 100%! Thanks Jordan. -JB

Following a sports injury over 40 years ago that included a ruptured ACL and extensive damage and removal of all knee cartilage I was left with a bone on bone knee joint for this span of time. I’m a active person and got to point last fall where severe knee pain was creating a major lifestyle change. After injections of anabolic steroids and a synthetic joint lubricant I was referred to physical therapy. I worked with several of the staff but was primarily supported by Jordan during my PT treatment. Following this treatment program I’m truly amazed at the return of function, strength and flexibility. I believe that the treatment provided was very effective and has postponed knee replacement surgery for years. I would highly recommend Jordan for physical therapy. -KJ

The team here is pretty dang awesome. I came in because of some neck/back issues, but mostly because my right leg was going numb and I had no idea why. My chiropractic adjustments alone weren’t cutting it, (although, I love my chiro), but I went in to see Jordan. He’s awesome, and so are all the interns that work there as well. I saw an improvement within a few weeks, and just finished my treatment… my leg is almost as good as new! I have to admit I’m a little surprised…I had no idea that physical therapy would actually help, and seriously thought it was only for people recovering from surgeries/accidents. Great team, and great results! -SG

I went to see Jordan to rehab my shoulder, which I had broken and had surgically repaired 6 weeks prior. During my initial assessment, Jordan inquired if I had any other injuries. Well, I’m over 50 and enjoy distance running, so yeah! He told me he’d address everything. Wow! I wasn’t expecting that, and he was true to his word. After just 11 weeks, my shoulder has gained almost 100% range of motion back, I’ve learned how to address my lower back issues myself, and my foot no longer hurts AT ALL (after a diagnosis of PF 2 years prior, treatment by 2 other PT’s and custom orthotics from a podiatrist). I’d give 10 stars if I could! -SC

I came in with a torn labrum, had no mobility in my shoulder and was in a lot of pain. I worked with Jordan who really listened and figured out what I needed to accomplish there to get back to where I wanted to be. In 6 short weeks I am back to my normal activities pain free and having fun. The staff as a whole are fun and energetic. They are all there to help their patients achieve their goals. I want to say a big thanks to this place for what they did for me and a huge thanks again to Jordan! -CW