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Our Story

Proof Physical Therapy and Performance was founded in 2016. Within one short year we were voted “Best Physical Therapy of Flagstaff” by the readers of Flagstaff Business News for 2018. Within 2 years we were named the “Top Rated Physical Therapist in Arizona” and a “Top Rated Business in Arizona” by  Our clinic was born from a desire to treat people with an individualized, high level of skilled care to allow them to live life without pain. We want to educate the general public and medical community on the benefits of physical therapy and our ability to treat a variety of conditions. Many people have the desire to get rid of back pain, or to lift their kid (or groceries or books) without pain. We want to be your first source when you have that muscle or joint pain that just doesn’t go away.

Why Choose Us?

Many of us don’t know where to go to find relief from this pain that interferes with our everyday life. Sometimes we explore multiple options and find success, but sometimes not. Many times we ignore the pain, and hope that it goes away. We don’t take the time  to take care of our health. Now is the time to take care of your health. This is where we found that we can affect a big change in the lives of our patients. We dig to the root of why you are not able to do the activity that you love, and then work hard toward a solution. We treat every day people as well as athletes of all levels to help them get back to, and even beyond, 100%. Let us help you today to get on a path to better health.

Why Proof?

Physical therapy has been an evolving field over it’s relatively short history (born around WWII). During this time it has seen big changes in how patients are treated, and many of these changes have been for the better. With continued changes, we want to be a clinic that uses only evidence based treatment, i.e. interventions that have proof. We want you to be the proof that what we do works.

Do I need a prescription?

Arizona law does not requires physical therapists to have or obtain a prescription or referral to treat patients. Medicare, medicaid, and a few other insurances do require a prescription, but most do not. This means that you can walk in our door and schedule an appointment today.


Who needs to see a Physical Therapist?

Many see physical therapy treatment as only for people who have been in an accident, had surgery, or had a major injury. This is not true. Anybody who has pain with daily activities, with sport activity, or is inhibited from activity can benefit from seeing a doctor of physical therapy to help them get to function without problem. We are experts in the treatment of low back pain, foot and ankle pain (especially foot and ankle pain from running), gait analysis, neck pain, shoulder pain and knee pain. Anyone with pain in these areas can benefit from seeing our Doctors of Physical Therapy.

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