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I have been a runner all my life. For the past 10 years almost from the moment I started running competitively, I have had knee pain. Before I came to Proof, the pain had gotten so bad that not only could I not run, I couldn’t backpack, walk, sit, or stand without pain. After only a few months, the team at Proof has gotten me back to running without pain. Jordan was able to diagnose the cause of my pain, which other Physical Therapists had missed. I feel incredibly grateful to have come to Proof.

Keven G.

After over a year since my first flare up of wrist tendonitis and the associated severe pain, I was still experiencing continual mild aggravation in both wrists. This posed problems to my job, tree trimming and removal, and my passion for rock climbing. I am very happy I finally got the corrective regimen to get me back to a healthy situation. I only wish I had signed up sooner.Following this treatment program I’m truly amazed at the return of function, strength and flexibility. I believe that the treatment provided was very effective and has postponed knee replacement surgery for years. I would highly recommend Jordon and the entire staff of Proof PT.

Trevor B.

Coming to Proof Physical Therapy and working with both Dr. Jordan and Amanda was always a positive experience. Not only because they were always doing their best to help heal my ankle fracture, but also because their optimism and positive attitudes lifted my spirits. I always felt better after my session, both physically and emotionally. I am grateful to both Dr. Jordan and Amanda for helping me through this challenging time. As I leave today, after my final session, my ankle feels great!

Collene B.

I came to Proof because I had extreme pain I had never felt before in my left hip and low back on the left side. I felt the pain every time I walked my dog, stood for more than 5 minutes, and when trying to do the yoga I used to do for years.  Now everything I want to do I can do without pain. Proof has helped me increase the strength in my hips and glutes and have shown me great exercises that will allow my body to keep moving for as long as I want too. I am so happy to be at my best again.

Karin C.

I was referred to Proof Physical Therapy because I couldn’t sleep because of the pain in my legs. I was limited in the activities that I wanted to do each day such as walking, gardening, and my house work. Since my working with Dr. Williams and Amanda, I can now do these activities easily.  In 1986 I was diagnosed with osteomyelitis of the spine.  Since my recovery from this infection I continued to have pain in my back, sometimes less, sometimes much more, but it was always there.  Since working out at Proof Physical Therapy, that pain has disappeared completely.  Oh Happy Day!  I feel younger than my 92 years!

Evelyn B.

Wow! Proof was transformative! Before I came to Proof, 3 different doctors had told me that I needed a knee replacement. With the careful attention they paid to my body’s alignment, gauging my strength in different muscle groups, and understanding of my age and habits, my knee recovered and now I can run again! Excellent, thorough, compassionate, and fun- I highly recommend Proof!

Melinda R.B.

After months of chiropractic care, I came to proof as a last stop before seeking an epidural steroid injection for severe SI joint pain with hamstring cramping. I couldn’t work out, do yoga, sit and visit with friends, or do pretty much anything. Life was rough. After 11 weeks of treatment I’m back!! Back to high impact jazzercise, back to yoga, back to life. I’ve done PT at other places in Flagstaff, and I had a much better experience at Proof. I love the varied workouts, it’s not monotonous. I never dreaded coming for therapy. You guys are great!! Thanks for getting me back to the things I love to do.

Jenna Sellers

I came in with a sprained ankle. I was unable to do my daily activities without discomfort, like keeping up with my 3-year-old, going to the gym, hiking, and working. With PT they knew exactly what exercises I needed to do to loosen up and strengthen my ankle. This team understood the importance of getting back to feeling 100% again. Today I feel not only 100%, but 110%. I feel that I am walking out of here stronger than before I sprained my ankle, I also have the tools to be able to maintain and continue improving my strength. I enjoyed getting to know each of them and appreciate all the work they put in to get me back to keeping up with my 3-year-old, hiking, working out, and doing my job.

Jeremy B.

Before I came to Proof Physical Therapy and Performance, I had previously been in physical therapy for peroneal tendonitis for months. About a year after my initial injury I wasn’t able to walk long distances, run, or stand for longer than an hour without much discomfort and pain. I have been to other physical therapy places a few times before, however I was blown away by Proof Physical Therapy. Each time I had personalized and updated exercises. Now I am running multiple times a week, biking, standing for as long as I want, and my past injuries haven’t prevented me from taking on any task! I am so thankful for Amanda and Jordan!

Tatum F.

I am so grateful to Jordan, Amanda, and the rest of the team for helping me to once again get back to my favorite activities. In these difficult times I am thankful to be able to feel well enough to de-stress while being active and doing my favorite activities. As usual, they have helped me transition from significant pain to pain-free workouts and sports.

Kate F.

Jordan and his staff were very thorough in their evaluation of my back problem compared to another PT group in town. Jordan’s approach yielded almost immediate results compared to months of an ineffective and painful therapy I was receiving elsewhere. Jordan and his staff were integral in taking me from not being able to run, bike, sit on an airplane/car ride without pain, to getting me back to doing both the mundane, and things that I love. Thanks for your help!

Robert F.

The expertise and activities of Proof were fantastic. This was to be expected with the Proof Team. What was of particular note was the personal care, interaction and attention to my case that went beyond normal expectations. This attention to detail and my questions was helpful in me taking ownership of my own recovery and speeding the process and improving the quality of my experience

Joel L.

When I came to Jordan and his awesome team, I was dealing with nerve pain, scar tissue, back pain and more. Jordan possesses high level expertise and a gift for identifying subtle (and not so subtle) imbalances in the complex interrelationships between muscle groups that result in pain and dysfunction. I’m finally back to rock climbing at the level I was at before my surgery, and for that I am incredibly grateful. 10/10, I would recommend highly!

Sandra W.

After dealing with severe foot pain, for over a year and being misdiagnosed by another doctor, I am pain free in only 3 months. For the past year I was in terrible pain all day long. I was unable to hike or travel or even drive without a searing pain through my foot. I was fortunate to make it through the weekday, much less able to do anything more. Now I can hike for miles pain free! Thank you, Thank you Dr. Jordan & Amanda!

Sheri W.

Jordan, Amanda & Kate were so kind and personable, every visit was special as they made me feel I was their only client. I made slow progress but I stayed positive and am now relieved of pain. I not only found Proof to be very professional and knowledgeable but just good & caring people!!

Florence B.